Commission Factory iPhone App is Here

Commission Factory
24th March 2014

App-Screens-Perspective-MockUpAfter months and months of work the world’s best-looking affiliate marketing network, now has an app that’s just as stunning and keeps you up to date on the go!

Monitoring and keeping track of your performance marketing campaign for both merchants and affiliates has never been easier with the Commission Factory app. Receive real-time analytics and statistics, view reports and communicate with your referral partners through our built-in message centre.

  • Real-time analytics
  • Revenue reporting (Commissions and Sales)
  • Notification Centre integration
  • View, Reply and Send message to referral partners
  • Real-time transaction and transaction status reports
  • Monitor all account debits and credits
  • Daily performance reporting
  • Continually updated and improved

Like the desktop platform our mobile app will continue to evolve to include new features and functionality for our members over time. If like many people you find yourself on the move often and need quick access to your revenue stats then don’t hesitate to download the Commission Factory app now!

**Android and Windows Phone versions are currently in development and will be released shortly**


Click-Less Tracking

Commission Factory
24th March 2014

In a recent update to the Commission Factory platform we can now track exclusive coupon codes to the individual affiliate without the need for a user going through a traditional tracking URL.

Merchants and affiliates can use coupon/voucher codes as an additional tracking method. For supported shopping carts, merchants can attach coupon codes to a particular affiliate and when someone uses that code, the sale will be associated with that affiliate, exactly as if a URL with an affiliate tracking code was in it.

Regular coupon functionality, generic codes and standard tracking are not affected or modified in any way. Click-less tracking simply complements the historically used forms of tracking and no longer limits the capture of revenue from channels that have been hard to attribute revenue to affiliates.
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5 Couponing Myths – BUSTED!

Commission Factory
17th December 2013

The couponing market is seeing a marked increase in Australia with many retailers joining schemes to drive customers to their website and increase their profits. But what about the negative press couponing gets? Do people spend less when they use a coupon? Is it a good idea to offer an incentive to sign up to a newsletter? Is it all just a big waste of time?
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Cart Recovery – Don’t Take No for an Answer

Commission Factory
18th October 2013

cartrecovery-cloudAn independent survey of 2,000 online shoppers revealed that 88% of people say they are open to online retailers following up by email if they abandon an online purchase and over a third (35%) say they actively welcome the assistance.

When starting an affiliate program not many merchants or advertisers are not aware of what doors this performance marketing channel can open for them. One such complementary service is cart abandonment, also known as cart recovery. Cart recovery helps retailers benefit from increased conversions and grow their revenues without negatively impacting their margins. In fact most cart recovery companies work with the affiliate networks around the world to offer the service within a paid-on-performance model – just like any other affiliate. For Merchants it means there are no setup fees and no monthly fees, making the allure of performance marketing models all that more robust.
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Google Has Closed the Doors on their Affiliate Network

Commission Factory
23rd April 2013

Google has officially announced that they are closing the doors on their affiliate network just shy of it’s fifth birthday. The question on many peoples minds is very simply “why?”.

Head of Google Affiliate Network, J.J. Hirschle stated on the official GAN blog, “We’re constantly evaluating our products to ensure that we’re focused on the services that will have the biggest impact for our advertisers and publishers. To that end, we’ve made the difficult decision to retire Google Affiliate Network and focus on other products that are driving great results for clients.”
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Marketing Management Made Easy with Google Tag Manager – Part 1

Commission Factory
17th October 2012

It has become increasingly important for marketing managers, agencies or affiliate program managers to see where their, or their clients money is being spent through multi-channel tracking. Because the method of promotion and attribution is becoming more complex the code snippets and management of a successful campaign is also becoming more complex. The basics like Google Analytics are no longer simply enough on their own; for affiliate marketing you need a conversion pixel or script and for retargeting you need multiple code snippets from multiple sources. To complement their already robust performance tracking Analytics software, the data giant Google have released – Google Tag Manager.
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[Infographic] Analysis of Australian Ecommerce Statistics

Commission Factory
23rd August 2012

The Australian e-commerce space has been open to a lot of debate lately, with traditional, old school bricks and mortar stores fighting the transition to online with fierce conviction. In the end it seems that those fighting the hardest tend to see what we have seen for years and to go where their customers are now shopping.
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Small Merchants Making Bigger Impacts

Commission Factory
13th February 2012

If you feel that you’re the little guy or a small fish in a big pond – you’re probably right. With the enormous amount of online retailers coming into the marketplace it can be hard to stand out and get the attention of those big, amazing affiliates to see your potential.

Succeeding with affiliate marketing and growing your business can be done as long as you have realistic objectives in mind and collaborate with your affiliates and network representatives.
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Is Your Slow Shopping Cart Killing Conversions?

Commission Factory
1st December 2011

On a daily basis we see and review many eCommerce stores that would like to join our ranks and have affiliates promote them. But one of our crucial deciding factors as to whether to approve a merchant or not is also based upon their potential to convert for affiliates and part of this ability to convert is site speed.
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Working with Multiple Affiliate Networks

Commission Factory
30th November 2011

Running your affiliate program on just one network can at times seem like a handful, then again running your campaign on multiple networks can increase your workload by up to 2 or 3 times. Whilst the workload may seem larger the benefits of spreading your marketing efforts across platforms can outweigh the increase in workload and drastically increase your sales.
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