Commission Factory Google Chrome Extension

Commission Factory
27th November 2014

Commission Factory, the southern hemisphere’s largest affiliate network are announcing today the launch of their first ever browser extension. The Google Chrome extension allows affiliates to easily check account balances, create and share links across the web and social media and access coupons and promotions to share with their audience.

The goal of Commission Factory has always been to make affiliate marketing simple for their affiliate partners and in turn increase sales for their pool of online retailers and service providers. This tool is just one of many tools and services offered by Commission Factory and gives a brief snapshot of their account and allows users to instantly create or share links as they browse the web.
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Commission Factory Has Sights Set on the World

Commission Factory
7th August 2014

Affiliate Network – Commission Factory is set for a new look with the launch of its global offering Commission Factory World Wide.

Australia’s leading affiliate network Commission Factory is set for a new look with the launch of its global offering Commission Factory World Wide.
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[Press Release] Specialty Fashion Group and Commission Factory Announce Strategic Performance Marketing Partnership

Commission Factory
21st May 2013


Womenswear apparel company, Specialty Fashion Group (ASX:SFH) are exclusively joining Australian affiliate network Commission Factory.

Specialty Fashion Group aim to increase sales for their online stores Katies, Millers, City Chic, Autograph and Crossroads within the purely paid-on-performance marketing channel by remunerating fashion bloggers and online marketers with a commission for every new, confirmed customer purchase.
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API 1.0 Now Available

Commission Factory
18th March 2013


Commission Factory has launched their comprehensive API (Application Programming Interface), which will serve the needs of their members and third-party developers to better connect to the enormous amounts of data being collected by the network each day.

Online service providers have long understood the importance of offering a robust API to their members and the development community to extend reach and generate new opportunities for collaboration.
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[Press Release] Commission Factory Unveils Its New Platform with Dramatically Simplified Design

Commission Factory
9th October 2012

SUNSHINE COAST, Australia, 8th October 2012 – Australian affiliate network Commission Factory today has unveiled its completely redesigned affiliate network, featuring loads of new functionality, optimizations and stunning new look for its ever-growing, popular platform.
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Our Commission Factory Office

Commission Factory
7th October 2011

We have now found a place to call home – the Innovation Centre, located on the grounds of the University of the Sunshine Coast, a hub for businesses like ours and the Silicon Valley of Queensland, Australia. Our decision to move here was based on many factors but none so attractive as the access to fibre optic internet – a blissful experience for anyone in the online arena or those that spend a vast majority of their time downloading and uploading frequently. Read more…

Commission Factory Revenue Share Program

Commission Factory
3rd October 2011

The Commission Factory Revenue Share Program is our version of a merchant referral program where you can earn a lifetime commission on merchants you refer to us.

In deciding the structure of our referral program we felt the Revenue Share model is not only fairer than a one off payment but also extremely rewarding and is unique to Commission Factory.
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Affiliate Groups and Profiling

Commission Factory
26th September 2011

We have just launched the feature for merchants to profile and categorise their affiliates into targeted and manageable groups. This feature whilst in the pipeline since we launched had never been implemented to a point that we were completely satisfied with and was represented in a way that would be recognisable to people that actively use social media channels. We have now done this and painstakingly programmed in the auto-complete features that any user of Facebook could easily understand and recognise. This auto completion compiles both individual users and the groups you have created, all you have to do is start typing letters into the “To” field of your message centre.
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Commission Factory To Set New Standards for Australian Affiliate Marketing

Commission Factory
28th April 2011

Commission Factory Pty Ltd has announced the launch of its new affiliate marketing network – Commission Factory, scheduled to launch on the 15th of July, 2011. It is anticipated to be the most advanced Australian network to date with loads of features never before seen in Australia, with a strong focus on ease of use, security and accessibility.

Australia (PRWEB) April 27, 2011
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Welcome To Commission Factory

Commission Factory
9th April 2011

Commission Factory is proud to launch our stage one release, essentially a pre-launch website that is informative and garners some much needed registrations from affiliates and merchants.

We have high hopes for our launch as we’ve had a very positive response to our mission, design and method – many things that have been found to be missing from current affiliate networks in Australia. Read more…

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