Announcing the Release of the Coupon Unit

Commission Factory
16th July 2013

ec00e552-67f1-474a-9203-95cb4134acafWe are today announcing the launch of our Coupon Unit, built especially for affiliates that wish to promote deals and coupon offers on their site.

The Coupon Unit is the first of many tools that we’ll be releasing over the next few months and is a part of our new Tools section on the Commission Factory dashboard. The tools tab will be a brand new hub for all internally developed widgets, iFrames and plugins plus featuring third party software and services that have been extremely popular with affiliates.

The coupon unit automatically and dynamically updates all available coupon offers from the merchants you have joined and embeds them on your site. The unit can display the coupons in a variety of sizes, from standard banner sizing to full page. You simply copy and paste the HTML code onto your website where you want it to display and that’s it.
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Commission Factory
23rd May 2013

trip-cover-affiliateTripcover‘s excess reduction policy is a travel insurance product, specifically designed to only cover your rental car excess and luggage. Now renters have the choice to use an affordable cover, with the reputable underwriter Allianz, to give you a Tripcover peace of mind when going on your next car rental trip.

Frequent car renters in Australia would be aware of the trapped feeling one can get when reminded of the $3300 exposure at the car rental desk, just before you pick up your rental. Their daily rate to reduce this excessive excess down to $300 is usually between $22 to $27 per day. This can increase your rental by over 30%.

The Tripcover’s Vehicle Excess Reduction and Luggage Insurance policy starts at just $9.30 per day
(as low as $5.51 over 15 days). Tripcover can finally provide the peace of mind alternative, up to 75% cheaper than some rental companies’ rates.
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Price Tapestry Integration

Commission Factory
7th November 2011

Commission Factory are proud to announce another integration with data feed management software, this time it is Price Tapestry.

Price Tapestry is a PHP and MySQL price comparison script based on Magic Parser, a PHP library designed for working with affiliate product feeds, automatically recognising and parsing any affiliate product feed file format. Read more…

QR Codes Now Available

Commission Factory
24th October 2011

We have just launched the brand new QR codes section of the site for use by affiliates. This type of creative functionality allows affiliates with any offline mediums to create a link between the offline and online world by utilising the popularity of smartphones and their ability to easily scan and read QR codes.
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Protecting and Enhancing Your Site

Commission Factory
1st June 2011

When it comes to protecting your sites from web spammers, exploit attacks or preventing site scrapers and bots ripping off your content, it can seem like a daunting task enhancing your security. Installing software or server side add-ons are a thing of the past when you opt to use the CloudFlare system to protect yourself from those devious hackers out there.
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