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5th July 2012

Sci-MX are the largest independently-owned, and fastest growing, sports nutrition company in Europe. Top international athletes like Lewis Moody choose Sci-MX, and more personal trainers recommend our products than any other brand of sports nutrition.

We’re excited about launching Europe’s #1 sports nutrition brand in Australia and working with you to get the word out about our high quality supplements. We’ve designed these supplements to be healthy, nutritious and high quality addition to anyone’s fitness regime. We make these products for everyone from the casual gym member through to personal trainers and athletes.

For each order you refer to us we’ll reward you with 10% commission, tiered to 12% for performers. Our products range from around $30 – $90 each and orders easily reach into the hundreds of dollars so this could quickly become a great source of income for you. As more sales are driven we’ll look at how we’re rewarding our affiliates and what other rewards and prizes we can offer.

To help you promote Sci-MX we have a lot of useful information you can use:

  • Interactive Product Guide to help choose the right products for your goals
  • Testimonials and tips from athletes, MMA fighters, rugby players, and rowers who use Sci-MX
  • Articles to give tips on how to reach goals from looking building muscle, to burning fat through to looking like a sprinter.

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