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eharmony launched in 2000 with a questionnaire that included over 400 questions and zero profile photos. Unbelievable now … groundbreaking for that time. As of today, eharmony is known as the #1 trusted dating site and the premiere destination for high quality singles looking for real relationships. Millions of people of all ages, ethnicities, national origins and religious and political beliefs have used eharmony to find long-term love.

We could say mission accomplished, but would rather say mission in progress, as we hope to continue matching those seeking long-term love for many years to come. Up next? A groundbreaking overhaul of the eharmony you know and trust, making your search for a great relationship easier than ever.

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PLEASE NOTE: no deeplinking is possible for eharmony, please only use the default links that are provided in the account, otherwise conversions may not track.

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