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  • A strong industry commission structure
  • Work with a diverse range of products and industry options i.e. travel, home improvements, wedding loans etc.
  • Partner with a leading personal loan lender with a proven track record in sales
  • Pass your customer to a company that will treat them like a name (not a number). We have a Net Promoter Score of +61 (average in the personal loan sector is -24). 

NOW FINANCE offers personal loan from $5,000 to $40,000. Our simple process allows the customer to get their rate before they apply. 

NOW FINANCE isn’t your traditional faceless financial services provider. We offer personal loans, personal service, and a personal repayment plan to suit our customer, whatever the reason for taking out their loan and their personal circumstances. When a customer takes out an unsecured personal loan from NOW FINANCE, they'll benefit from speaking to the same Australian-based personal loan advisor each time they contact us. Whether they choose to repay over 18 or 84 months, this personal touch ensures they’ll always know the status of their loan and can speak with someone that has come to know both themselves and their situation.

We are looking for partnerships that can be mutually beneficial for both businesses. NOW FINANCE offer a very competitive product with rates starting at just 8.95%. In addition, NOW FINANCE offers total transparency and trust by letting customers know their credit score and personalised interest rate before they apply!

The personal loan process is fast, reliable and convenient whilst ensuring that the customer is comfortable at each stage. NOW FINANCE pride ourselves on excellent customer service and this is supported by our Net Promoter Score of +61. By partnering with Now Finance, you are going to offer your customers not only a personal loan, but the opportunity to fulfil their dreams.

We provide a range of flexible personal loans designed to suit the customer's needs:

  • Competitive interest rates and flexible repayments.
  • Applications are personally reviewed and assessed individually by a person.
  • A credible and viable solution to budget management.
  • Up to 84 months to repay your personal loan.
  • Access to your own Australian-based personal loan advisor.
  • Industry-leading personalised service tailored to suit you.
  • Our technology enables a streamlined 4-step process.
  • Repayment plans from 18 months to 7 years.


NOW FINANCE currently offers affiliate payment for the completion of an personal loan application form. The commission is based on the customer completing a two-stage approach:

1. Generate Interest Rate - NOW FINANCE is unique in that it offers customers their interest rate before they apply for a personal loan. The interest rate is based on obtaining the customers credit file (as an access seeker). Our API integration connects to credit agencies where we gain access to the customers credit score and in exchange we provide an interest rate based on their credit score (and perceived risk). This is achieved via a short enquiry form (12 fields) and increases conversions as customers feel secure in that they receive their interest rate upfront (rather than after application). Those customers who are not eligible for a personal loan with NOW FINANCE will not be offered an interest rate with our company. 

2. Complete Application Form - After completing stage 1, the customer is presented with an interest rate offer (within 30 seconds). The customer then moves through to the personal loan application form, which is pre-populated from Stage 1 personal details (to decrease drop-offs) to complete their loan application. Affiliate is then paid their commission

ADDED BONUS: NOW FINANCE also run a 31-day email campaign to push customers from stage 1 to stage 2. We present an offer to all customers  via a CRM campaign that aims at pushing the customer from a Stage 1 to Stage 2. This is added bonus for affiliates as we continue marketing your leads to ensure a full application is completed. 


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