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Tripcover's excess reduction policy is a travel insurance product, specifically designed to only cover your rental car excess and luggage. Now renters have the choice to use an affordable cover, with the reputable underwriter Allianz, to give you a Tripcover peace of mind when going on your next car rental trip.

Frequent car renters in Australia would be aware of the trapped feeling one can get when reminded of the $3300 exposure at the car rental desk, just before you pick up your rental. Their daily rate to reduce this excessive excess down to $300 is usually between $22 to $27 per day. This can increase your rental by up to 50%.

The Tripcover's Vehicle Excess Reduction and Luggage Insurance policy starts at just $9.30 per day
(as low as $5.51 over 15 days). Tripcover can finally provide the peace of mind alternative, up to 75% cheaper than some rental companies' rates.

Why promote Trip Cover

  • 11% commission rate of commission for every policy sold.
  • Perfect for any affiliate promoting car rentals or with a travel related audience.
  • Promo Codes (Coupons) are available for affiliates to use.
  • Popular service backed by underwritten by Allianz.
  • Range of banners available.


Finance and Insurance


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Finance and Insurance


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Finance and Insurance


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