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EXIE is more than something you wear. It's a lifestyle; an inner strength you get to show on the outside. We believe inside every woman is a warrior and our ultra-flattering, quality sportswear garments help you bring her to the fore. EXIE's sustainably-minded designs empower you to smash through your limits and unlock your full potential while looking and feeling like a badass. With no-fuss, ethically and sustainably-sourced fabrics, wearing EXIE is a simple action you can take for the health of our planet. Dress without limits,  in versatile styles that effortlessly transition through your week.  

Clothing and Fashion


For so long women have been programmed to think that being strong and powerful is masculine, that being sexy and sensual is too provocative, and being emotional is a weakness. And even today these residual beliefs are still influencing women the world over and steering them off course from where they need to be. Somewhere along our journey we seem to get lost. We seem to lose our natural born instincts and end up trying to live up too someone else’s title for us, whether this be wife, mother, grandmother or daughter, and we seem to forget to stop and think about what we actually are too ourselves. Well we want you to stop and think. We want to help you ask yourselves those big questions. Like, what am I here for? What is my true calling? What does my heart really ache for? We want you to learn to walk the wild side. And by this we mean, mastering the ability to tap into that wild, exotic and primal part of yourself and using it as a tool to face your fears, push through your comfort zones and experience what its like on the other side. Make no mistake. This is not an easy task. This will be a lifelong journey of sharpening your instincts and mastering the skills needed to drown out all the ‘noise’ and really hone in and listen to what your ‘inner wild’ is telling you. Here at Exoticathletica we do more than just design, source and create awesome and exotic threads. We help women embrace that natural, primal and wild part of themselves in all of its forms. We understand that women are not just one woman. We get that women are natural, primal and rhythmic creatures with moods and emotions that can fluctuate daily, weekly and even hourly, and we have developed an eclectic, dynamic brand that reflects this. We believe in listening to your body and responding to it intelligently and intuitively and allowing it to move freely between one mood to the next, without restraint, restriction or judgement. And we believe in building strength through nutrition, lifting heavy and heeding to that call of the wild daily. We want our pieces to be the ones you pick out of your closet first, regardless of where you are going, what you are doing and what mood you are in. And we want them to inspire you daily, to step out into the world with your game face on, with your ‘wild’ on and be the true and exotic woman that you are.

Clothing and Fashion


Vinomofo is all about good wine, real people, and the most epic wine deals on the planet. Award winning retailer.

Food and Drink


Tiqets is on a mission to find and share more ways to culture. We help travel & culture enthusiasts find museums & attractions all over the world, and offer them amazing experiences. With an extensive catalogue of tickets to attractions and museums across the globe, from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Tiqets has something for everyone. The innovative technology behind Tiqets ensures that people can book tickets on their devices at the last minute, receive their tickets in digital format directly on their devices, and access museums, and attractions, and more just by showing their ticket barcode.

Holiday and Travel


XP-Pen has been dedicated on research, design, production and marketing of digital tablets since 2005. Pen Display, Drawing Tablet, Light Box, etc...

Gadgets and Gifts


We are a proudly Australian business bringing ground-breaking eco baby care to a growing market of conscious parents.

Baby Products


PIVOT houses the best international brands at the best value prices for families who love sport, lifestyle and workwear footwear and apparel

Clothing and Fashion

Lee Mathews

Driven by the philosophy of designing functional and beautiful clothing that resonate deeply with people's lives, Lee Mathews offers seasonal mainline, homewares and accessories collections with a focus on quality, wearability and craftsmanship. The brand evokes intelligent expression, honours sustainability and design integrity; and seeks to provide beauty in everything it creates. Since its inception in 2000, Lee Mathews, the Sydney-based designer of the eponymous brand, has been a central figure in the fashion industry and at the helm of the Luxury Australian Fashion House.

Clothing and Fashion


Founded in 1974, Coggles is a premium international fashion retailer home to over 200 men's and women's designer collections from established fashion houses, emerging designers and rare international labels. At Coggles you can also find a carefully curated LIFE section that contains the best from Music, Food, Art, and more, as well as the UK's largest street style archive with new shots added regularly from London and other European fashion week cities. With the elegant simplicity of the site, Coggles is a celebration of the quality of simple design. Whether it's fashion or music, books or bikes, homes or hotels.

Clothing and Fashion

AllSole - the only online footwear shop you'll ever need for the latest styles and trends from all the best brands.

Clothing and Fashion

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