Breaking Into The Australian Affiliate Market

Commission Factory
13th July 2011

Whilst affiliate marketing has grown in leaps and bounds everywhere else in the world, the Australian market growth has been slower. This is due to a number of factors including:

• Merchant affiliate program management education
• Big business fighting to keep their traditional marketing models
• Poor telecommunication infrastructure
• Exorbitant hosting costs, and
• AuDA restrictions on Australian domains
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To Follow or Not To Follow

Commission Factory
18th April 2011

Some aspects of social media can still be considered within it’s infancy and with that also comes a great deal of meandering into the unknown. When wanting to start your social media campaigns you will find a lot of do’s and don’t’s out there and what is considered correct etiquette. Some bloggers say that it is only polite to follow someone that follows you or that you are putting yourself up on a pedestal when your followers are significantly higher than those you follow.

I tend to disagree and here is my logic. Read more…

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