[Infographic] Analysis of Australian Ecommerce Statistics

Commission Factory
23rd August 2012

The Australian e-commerce space has been open to a lot of debate lately, with traditional, old school bricks and mortar stores fighting the transition to online with fierce conviction. In the end it seems that those fighting the hardest tend to see what we have seen for years and to go where their customers are now shopping.
¬†Aussie e-commerce has some impressive growth on the way, with predictions to hit $37 billion by 2013 – not bad considering we have a relatively small population of just over 20 million. This is certainly not unrealistic by any means as Australian consumers are one of the world’s fastest adopters of new technology, historically Australian consumers had the highest percentage of colour TV adoption too.

Recently competitions.com.au released this great infographic that considers the current and future of e-commerce in Australia.

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