Frequently Asked Questions



As an affiliate, are there any fees for joining?

After signing up, how will I know what to do?

I don't have a website, can I still earn commissions?

Can I view stats, messages etc in my account?


What commissions do advertisers pay on the network?

How are commissions paid?

How will I know what commissions are due?


What types of advertisers do you have?

How will I promote, what tools are available?



What are the fees involved with using Commission Factory?

Do you cater for my business size?

Commission Rates

Who determines the commission rate I pay affiliates?

Can it set different commission rates for different categories, brands, affiliates etc?

What happens if a product is returned or cancelled, do I still pay commission?


What creatives will I need to supply publishers?

What is involved with setup?

How long will setup take?

Will I receive help to setup?

Program Management

How much time will be need in managing the program?

What kinds of tasks will need to be managed?

What tasks does Commission Factory manage as a network?

Can you manage the program for me?

I am new to affiliate marketing, how much support will be given?

Will I be able to monitor where the affiliate publishers are promoting?

Affiliates / Publishers

Are you able to give me some examples of affiliate publishers?

Can I invite new affiliate publishers to my program?



What fees are there for agency accounts?

Program Management

Is there a central dashboard so I can manage my clients?

Will I still remain in control of my client's brand?

What support will be available?