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My Perfume Shop

Welcome to My Perfume Shop, Australia's leading online retailer of luxury fragrances, and your next potential affiliate partner. We specialize in offering an extensive selection of the world's most prestigious fragrance brands, including Dior, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, and Tom Ford, among others. Our website is renowned for its exceptional conversion rates in the health & beauty fragrance industry, making us an ideal partner for affiliates looking to maximize their earnings. At My Perfume Shop, we provide a 30-day tracking window, ensuring that our affiliates have ample time to secure commissions on sales generated from their referrals. This feature is designed to enhance the profitability and effectiveness of your affiliate marketing efforts, guaranteeing that your hard work pays off. We are committed to delivering unparalleled customer service, offering fast shipping and same-day dispatch from Sydney. This commitment to excellence has earned us the highest rating on TrustPilot among perfume stores in Australia, with a stellar rating of 4.5/5. Our reputation for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction makes us a trusted and attractive option for affiliates. By partnering with My Perfume Shop, you will have the opportunity to connect your audience with a curated selection of the finest fragrances available. Our program is not just about selling perfumes; it's about offering an experience of luxury and sophistication to your audience, while providing you with a lucrative revenue stream. Join us as an affiliate partner and leverage our high conversion rates, trusted brand, and premium product lineup to enhance your affiliate marketing portfolio. With My Perfume Shop, you can expect a partnership that is as rewarding as the fragrances we sell.

Health and Beauty


FOREO makes self-care simple, easy, and enjoyable - that’s our mission. Our products are effective and clinically tested, providing real results. We help you achieve your full beauty potential in record time and empower you to work on your well-being for years to come. Our story started in Sweden, but now our products are all over the world. They are adored by professionals, celebrities, and (most likely) you, so let us tell you what it’s all about. Life can be complicated. Self-care doesn’t have to be. When we came up with the world’s first soft silicone facial cleansing brush LUNATM, our goal was to help you. We wanted to make a self-care device that’s available to you anytime, anywhere. We wanted to make you feel good by solving your skincare problems. Ultimately, we wanted to save your time, so you could focus on other aspects of your life while feeling great about yourself. A decade later, we’re still doing the same. Because we know spas can be expensive and you don’t always have enough time to visit them. Your time is precious and your well-being matters. That’s why FOREO is for everyone, and we embedded that idea in our name.

Health and Beauty


The internet. It’s big and weird, in all the best ways. It contains multitudes, like you, and like us. But if your home or business internet experience could stand to up its game, we’ve got a range of plans to suit everyone. Our whole deal is to provide good internet, the kind we used to dream about. We built tubes and laid fibre, to help you access endless memes, or endless Teams calls, and you can even up your speed at the swipe of a button. Because at Superloop our mission is to refresh the internet.



At AGL, we believe energy makes life better and are passionate about powering the way Australians live. Proudly Australian for 185 years, AGL supplies around 4.3 million energy and telecommunications customer services. AGL is committed to providing our customers simple, fair and accessible essential services as they decarbonise and electrify the way they live, move and work. We are building on our history as one of Australia’s leading private investors in renewable energy to now lead the business of transition to a lower emissions, affordable and smart energy future in line with the goals of our Climate Transition Action Plan. We’ll continue to innovate in energy and other essential services to enhance the way Australians live, and to help preserve the world around us for future generations.

Home and Garden

Gobaplay AU

gobaplay is a brand within the goba Sports Group, which also owns Springfree Trampoline. At gobaplay, we are fueled by the joy and laughter of families at play. After all, goba stands for “go outside and be active”. Our story began over two decades ago when we invented the world’s safest trampoline. Since then we’ve expanded into other outdoor categories such as swing sets, yard and tree swings and unique climbing domes. Driven by this belief, we set out to design and craft backyard products that capture the hearts of children and parents alike. Each product is carefully designed with safety as our top priority, ensuring that children can explore to their heart's content. We strive to be a trusted partner in your family's journey, offering products that spark joy and provide a safe space for children to thrive. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and support, ensuring that your experience with gobaplay is nothing short of amazing.

Home and Garden

Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin: the name evokes fashion, luxury, style, and elegance. Pierre Cardin is an Iconic International Brand designed to reflect the need for fashion and function to seamlessly co-exist, no matter where your day takes you. From the Boardroom to the Ballroom or the High Street to the Travel Lounge, Style is always in Fashion when you choose Pierre Cardin. Our customers are Demanding of the Highest Quality and Best Value, and thus has been created a prestige range of products specially for you. Added to this is the importance of quality and value, and thus has been created a prestige range of products at an affordable level.

Clothing and Fashion

West Coast HiFi Online

About West Coast Hifi LEADING BRANDS - EXPERT ADVICE West Coast Hifi stock all the best brands and deliver the very latest in home entertainment. Careful attention to room dimensions, component selection, acoustic performance, projector, screen and seating placement enable us to deliver home theatre systems that will rival a commercial cinema. From the latest Ultra HD LED Smart TVs to a dedicated home theatre with a cinemascope wide screen, we have solutions to suit any room. We can walk you through the many options that will truly entertain the whole family whether your passion be movies, concerts, sport or even gaming. Sit back, relax and enjoy quality vision and sound like never before. MULTI-ROOM SOUND AND VISION Want to be entertained, no matter where you are in the house? Now you can create a unique audio and visual experience in every room. With a multi-zone setup, the kids can watch Foxtel in one room while you watch the big game in another. Access your entire movie and music collection from any room without the need for several separate home entertainment components! A multi-room audio system will allow you to enjoy all your favourite music in any room streamed from multiple devices, as well as millions of songs from online music libraries. Imagine being able to create a playlist for your next social event and have it play through out the entire home and control the volume in each area from your smart device. SMART HOME TECHNOLOGY Everything is better when it works seamlessly together. End the remote clutter and no more juggling multiple remotes, dim the lights to set the mood, unlock security, adjust heating and cooling or control your home entertainment all from a smart device, so easy. West Coast Hifi’s smart home solutions make life more comfortable and your home easier to manage. From the initial meeting, we will work with you to design a solution that perfectly integrates with your lifestyle then deliver and professionally install your home entertainment and personalised smart home solutions. Come in today and see for yourself why West Coast Hifi are the trusted destination for the latest in home entertainment and smart home technology.


Stefan Hair Fashions

The hair experts with over 50 years of research and refinement to bring you the very best in haircare. Tried, tested and endorsed by industry leading professionals and stylists. Over 400 products designed to deliver salon quality hair at home regardless of your hair type or goal - offering the most powerful products on the market to address dry, damaged & frizz to volume and blonde.

Health and Beauty


KOO was created to inspire all of us to discover the love of home. From the streets of Paris, to a Hamptons beach house or an exotic vacation destination, our range of quality textiles creates a sense of discovery and wanderlust, without ever leaving home. From classic timeless design to modern and contemporary living spaces, to the on trend key look of the season, KOO makes it easy to reinvent and elevate your spaces, to experiment with style and create a home you love. Our home living solutions are here to help you create the perfect home retreat.

Home and Garden

Inova Air Purifiers

An air purifier manufacturer with a difference INOVA Air Purifiers is an Australian-owned company that for more than a decade has engineered and manufactured air purifiers for home, commercial and industrial use. INOVA purifiers are built in a modern factory on the pristine NSW Central Coast, one hour north of Sydney. INOVA has an uncompromising approach to building the world’s best air purifiers, with airtight seals that are guaranteed 100% leak-free. The company is committed to using Australia-made components wherever possible. If components must be sourced from overseas, they are always the very best available. Over the years INOVA has developed an enviable reputation for the quality and performance of its unique range of air purifiers. INOVA air purifiers are built to operate for decades, to be easy to service, to have filters that are easy to replace, to work quietly, effectively and efficiently and to dramatically improve the lives of those who use them. INOVA Air Purifiers contain no harmful chemicals and are essential for people with allergies and asthma, and for anyone who wants to remove harmful pollutants from the air they breathe. INOVA has a strong commitment to research and development, and continuous improvement is the hallmark of its products. INOVA’s scientifically proven air cleaning technologies really work, and performance can be certified with a laser particle counter. The company’s success is based on customer satisfaction. INOVA’s philosophy is to make products that exceed customer expectations, offering high-efficiency air purification solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of customers. Peace of mind is included with every INOVA Air Purifier at no extra cost.


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