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Mizuno NZ

Since its founding in 1906 Mizuno has been guided by the same philosophy. A commitment to contributing to society through the advancement of sporting goods and promotion of sports. For all who participate and believe in the value of sports, we are a brand that offers superior products designed to bring happiness and joy to all through the power of sports. We know that playing sports is a journey, and we’re committed to crafting the high-quality products you need throughout that journey – regardless of who you are, which sport you love or at what level you play. At Mizuno, we’re passionate about sports, and we’ll always strive to help you find your inspiration – just as we have for over 100 years. Our mission is to meet the ever-evolving needs of sincere athletes, and anyone who believes in the value of sports, by offering superior quality sporting goods and services. We pursue new heights in sports and beyond. We seek to enrich the lives of people through the power of sports and to contribute in bringing happiness and joy to athletes' lives.

Sports and Fitness


Smart home simplified. 🏠 That is basically the impetus that drives eufy to design and manufacture easy-to-use smart home devices and appliances to counter busy and hectic lifestyles. 💯 From our iconic laser-guided eufy RoboVacs to unbeatable eufy Security Systems - each eufy product is developed with cutting-edge technologies to add convenience and enhance efficiency to every household!


The Dinner Ladies

The Dinner Ladies are Sophie Gilliatt and Katherine Westwood. We got together at the school gate in 2007 and came up with the idea of preparing dinners for time-poor friends and family members so they would always have good, homemade food in their fridges and freezers (and, incidentally, so would we). Between us, we have seven children of varying sizes, appetites and degrees of fussiness. So there’s not much we don’t know about pleasing a tricky crowd! We started cooking in the shed in Katherine’s back yard on a converted trailer and two camp stoves. We’d shop on a Monday, cook on a Tuesday and then one of us would do the delivery run while the other fed and bathed all the kids.

Food and Drink


First made famous by the “Bossa nova” rhythms of the 1960s, Ipanema is the most glamorous neighbourhood in Brazil. Situated in the south of Rio de Janeiro, those who visit say it is home to the most beautiful people in the world. Its spirit and soul is drawn from the culture that emanates from the stunning beach sitting adjacent to the Copa Cabana. The stunning tropical sunshine entices the beautiful people to surf and sunbathe through the day and dance in the coolest bars and clubs into the night. Ipanema footwear, inspired by the culture of Brazil, is fun, chic and colourful with every collection being over-flowed with the happy and exotic spirit of Brazilian beaches. The Ipanema collection consists of a variation of styles that includes bright colours with attractive prints that are both exotic and bold that is guaranteed to make them the focal part of your beach outfit! Sold in nearly 100 countries around the world, Ipanema’s designs reflect the brand’s laid-back Brazilian roots while using innovative materials and staying connected to current fashion trends. We combine our sense of fashion with features that make Ipanema sandals and thongs unique, including multiple sole shapes for better comfort and fit, “360 degree” prints that wrap around the sole, and amazing strap details and overlays that make people notice our styles when they’re on your feet! Our products represent much more than just fashion. Here at Ipanema, we have a strong environmental and ethical influence that aims to preserve all the Earth’s natural beauty for generations to come. With eyes on the environment and the future, the Ipanema collection is made using at least 30% recycled materials while 99% of all factory waste being recycled or reused. It is with this strong sense of social responsibility coupled with cutting-edge technologies that create our unique style of Ipanema. #ALWAYS NEW #ALWAYS IPANEMA.

Clothing and Fashion

Kirstin Ash

Kirstin Ash is an independent Australian jewellery brand, founded in 2008 by siblings - Kirstin Ash & Nick Ash. Based in Sydney, Australia, our jewellery tells a story of refinement, integrity and quality. Our intention is for our designs to be an expression of self; they are thoughtful, intuitive, and intended for layering. Created for the modern woman, a love of sun-drenched moments and nostalgic influences comes to life in a curated assembly of effortless essentials and statement pieces.

Jewellery and Watches

Oil Garden

Born 30 years ago with humble beginnings in the outskirts of Byron Bay, something big has grown. Now, with over 35 years of experience, Oil Garden enjoys success providing high quality essential oils in Australia. As one of the leading pure essential oil brands in the country, we’re committed to continuing our story with you. In 1985 on a tea tree plantation situated in the outskirts of Byron Bay, our very first pure essential oil was harvested by hand, distilled and bottled. The powerful healing and antiseptic properties of the organic tea tree plant was the beginning of something special for us. Today, Oil Garden offers an extensive selection of 100% pure essential oils, skincare, diffusers and accessories designed to help you harness the true properties of nature. We sustainably source the purest oils from the best growing conditions around the world, delivering genuine value without ever compromising on quality.

Health and Beauty

In Essence

Our journey began in 1986 when the founding sisters discovered the healing power of pure essential oils and set on a mission to share their knowledge and take the very ‘essence’ of the plant into the hearts and homes of Australians. At In Essence, we recognise that not all essential oils are created equal. We are committed to sourcing the finest quality oils from around the world to deliver 100% Pure Essential Oils that are free from harmful chemicals, synthetic fillers, parabens and pesticides. We do not test on animals. All our oils are bottled in Victoria and undergo a stringent Quality Assurance program to ensure you are purchasing an authentic pure essential oil sourced directly from nature. With over 30 years’ experience in sourcing and blending Mother Nature’s most powerful aromatherapy essential oils, we are dedicated to delivering holistic health and wellbeing solutions through the power of pure essential oils, backed by science.

Health and Beauty

Liquor Loot

At Liquor Loot, we curate guided journeys into the world of exquisite spirits through unique tasting experiences. Our products include specially crafted tasting packs, monthly spirits subscriptions, and a premium bottle shop focusing on whisky, gin, tequila, rum, and more, as we continue to expand our range of spirits on offer. Our mission extends beyond delivering premium spirits; we're dedicated to educating our customers about taste profiles. We are passionate about helping customers find their new favourite spirits without the cost of buying a full bottle. We believe that an informed consumer not only enjoys their libations more but also minimises the chances of purchasing something that doesn't suit their palate. Our business is primarily made up of a direct-to-consumer offering, with subscriptions, tasting packs, and gifting packs sold on our website, plus full bottles, and a growing wholesale component ranging in some of Australia’s largest alcohol retailers. Liquor Loot is not just about sipping spirits; it's about unlocking the rich tapestry of flavours and sharing that knowledge with our community. Join us on this spirited adventure!

Food and Drink

Running Bare

Running Bare has been empowering women since 1983, giving fitness minded, fashion forward females the self-belief and confidence to look good and feel great. Born and bred on Bondi Beach, Running Bare is Australia's longest running women's activewear brand. Our collections focus on elevated designs, premium finishes and luxurious fabrications. With over 40 year working at our craft, the fit and comfort in our garments is flawless, as we have perfected the art of creating activewear for the female body. The Running Bare woman approaches her life with a sense of optimism and dynamism. She embraces a holistic approach to fitness and her well-being. She knows that wellness is not just about her physical body, but also cultivating a positive mental state and having emotional strength. Whether it is a high intensity cardio and strength workout, or a calming and soothing yoga session, Running Bare has created a collection to suit every woman in the pursuit of wellness. In the wild, seasons turn and only the strong survive. In fashion, trends come and go, but only true style endures.

Clothing and Fashion

tbh Skincare

Acne is so much more than a battle with your skin, and we are here to help you fight it! We know no one likes having pimples, but did you realise how widespread acne’s impact on a person’s quality of life is? tbh has been created to not only bring you a completely new and scientifically proven method for treating acne, but is driven by the passion of its people to help young people across the globe get through this truly challenging time of their lives. tbh not only provides a solution to your acne, but gives you a supportive and safe environment to get you through the treatment process.

Health and Beauty

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